Are Peugeot Cars Reliable?

24 Posted: 24th May 2023
Are Peugeot Cars Reliable?
  • Peugeot cars are an ever-popular choice on the UK’s roads. Their cars are stylish, modern and fun to drive. But are Peugeot cars reliable? Yes!

    We’ll delve into what makes Peugeot cars reliable, from their strong build quality and versatility to their rally history and commitment to the future of driving. Keep on reading below to find out how reliable Peugeot cars are.

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  • How reliable are Peugeot cars & what makes them so dependable?

    Are Peugeot Cars Reliable?

    The answer to the question “are Peugeot reliable cars” is a resounding yes. Whilst much older models across a few brands might be a bit questionable due to age, the majority of available Peugeot cars are incredibly reliable. This is true across brand-new models as well as second-hand used Peugeot cars alike.

    The average lifespan of a car is around 15 years. You’ll often see Peugeot models well into the later years of their expected life still going strong.


  • Are Peugeot automatic gearboxes reliable?

    Modern Peugeot automatic gearboxes are very reliable. They use the latest in DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) technology. Also known as a dual-clutch gearbox, a DSG setup makes automatic driving even smoother as it’s able to pre-select the next gear before you even need it.

    This setup makes them extremely reliable and a dream to drive.


  • Are Peugeot engines reliable?

    Are Peugeot Cars Reliable?

    Peugeot engines have always been dependable. As long as you take good care of the engine, you can expect it to last above the 100,000 miles mark.

    Carefully looked after and routinely-serviced Peugeot engines can easily extend across the 150K mile mark, and well over the 15-year expected lifespan.

    Modern Peugeot engines use the latest technologies and top-quality parts to guarantee perfect driving. Of course, you may have some issues during your time driving a Peugeot car, but you can result assured your engine should have minimal faults.


  • Why are Peugeot cars so reliable?

  • Versatile all-rounders

    One of the main reasons why you can rely on Peugeot cars is that they’re designed and built to be versatile all-rounders. They’re just as at home darting through tight city streets as they are blasting along the motorway or tackling rougher country roads.

    Your average Peugeot car is built to endure just about anything daily life throws at it.


  • Long-lasting, low-cost parts

    Current generation Peugeot cars use high-end parts and have the latest tech to keep you going. You shouldn’t have many issues with a newer model.

    But even older models are still dependable. And the beauty of driving a slightly older Peugeot car is how affordable Peugeot parts are.  Due to their popularity over the years, there are plenty of Peugeut parts floating around so you won’t have to shell out if something simple goes wrong.


  • Built to last

    Peugeot takes sustainability seriously. They plan to only sell 100% electric cars by 2030.

    This is one of their core values which is also evident from their older generation cars. Older models are still a common sight on the UK’s roads!

    From the classic 106 to the common 306 and beyond, there are loads of these models knocking about. They’re easy to maintain and don’t require too much work, even if they are a few generations old!


  • Rally History

    The Peugeot brand has always been massively involved in rallying. Peugeot is present at most motorsports events, but their real passion is rally.

    Rally cars need to be reliable. The driving functions have to be tight, including the engine, brakes and steering. The chassis has to be durable and safe in the event of an accident too.

    So it’s no wonder that Peugeot brought this same eye for detail off the winding rally tracks to its everyday cars.


  • Most dependable car brand 2019

    A 2019 JD Power survey of 11,530 participants ranked Peugeot as the most reliable car brand in the UK. And the 208 was awarded “Most Dependable Small Car”.

    These awards speak for themselves.


  • How long do Peugeot cars last

    Are Peugeot Cars Reliable?

    Whilst the average lifespan for a car is 15 years, expect to see Peugeot cars living happily into their late teens or further. You can get the same result as long as you look after your car with regular Peugeot servicing and maintenance.

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    Peugeot plans to build its next generation of electric cars with a 25-year lifespan. They aim to challenge the notion of what it is to own a car. That means a Peugeot EV could be with you for over a quarter of your life!


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