Nissan Breaks Records in 2013

10 Posted: 10th Feb 2014
Nissan Breaks Records in 2013

Nissan recently revealed that it has beaten sales records for yet another year, making the Japanese car manufacturer one of the most popular in the UK.

  • Nissan is as proud as a peacock this week after the release of its sales figures for the 2013 year. Not only was the company one of the top selling in the country, but it also managed to break its own sales records for yet another year in a row!

    The Japanese car manufacturer recently revealed that it sold 118,061 cars in 2013, showing an 11.5 percent increase on 2013. Of these, Nissan sold 128,680 vehicles in the UK, up 11.0 percent from 115,970 in 2012. This means Nissan holds a 5.2 per cent market share in the country, making it the sixth biggest brand.

    Nissan noted that the stellar performance was rooted in two star cars: the Qashqai and Juke. The former achieved remarkable successes notching up 50,211 sales, an incredible 9.9 per cent increase on 2012. The latter, on the other hand, had sales figures go up from 28,862 in 2012 to an incredible 37,488 in 2012- a 29.9 per cent increase.

    They also noted the incredible performance of its all-electric LEAF which had a boost in sales from 699 in 2012 to 1,812 in 2013. The vehicle was part of Nissan’s green vehicle growth attempt, shooting up past many of the electric rivals in the market.

    All these sales figures were set against a record year experienced by Nissan’s Sunderland manufacturing facility here in England, which broke 500,000 unit production barrier for the second year in a row by building an incredible 501,756 cars in total.

    Jim Wright, Managing Director at Nissan GB recently commented on these successes by saying: “These figures prove that Nissan is continuing to reap the rewards of hard work and intelligent planning. For the Qashqai to break the 50,000 sales mark in its sixth year of production is testament to its remarkable design and value."

    “I’m also immensely proud of our other British success stories, namely the Juke, new Note and LEAF. The Juke’s performance proves that British buyers value bold and innovative design, while the Note and LEAF are welcome additions to the Sunderland stable. To break the 500,000 production barrier for a second year is incredible, especially as the plant has been busy integrating new facilities for the new Note and LEAF. With the new Qashqai rolling off the lines, I’m sure that 2014 will be another year to remember.”

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