Plug in Car Grant Update

15 Posted: 15th Dec 2021
Plug in Car Grant Update

The government updated the Plug in Car Grant Scheme on the 15th December 2021. This change is a move to make grant funds go further, so more people can easily make the switch to an electric car.

  • How has the Plug in Car Grant changed?

    The new Plug-in Car Grant is 35% off the purchase price, up to £1,500 off electric cars priced under £32,000.

    The grant used to be 35% off up to £2,500 for cars under £35k.

    Has the Plug in Car Grant changed for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

    Whilst car grants have been reduced, wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) aren’t affected. They’re staying the same at £2.5k off of a car worth up to £35k.

    Has the Plug in Van Grant changed?

    The Plug in Van Grant has also been updated with a limit of 1,000 grants per year being introduced.

    • Up to £5,000 for large vans
    • Up to £2,500 for small vans

    Has the Plug in Motorcycle Grant changed?

    The Plug-in Motorcycle Grant is now:

    • Up to £500 off motorcycles
    • Up to £150 off mopeds

    With a limit of vehicles worth up to £10,000.

    Why has the Plug in Car Grant changed?

    2021 has been a record year for electric car sales. This is thanks to changing consumer attitudes over the last few years, as well as EVs being more readily available amidst the uncertainty caused by chip shortages.

    The government reports that almost one in four cars sold over the last three months at plug-ins. So the changes to the scheme mean that more people can apply, making the taxpayer’s money go further.

    Whilst this means you may get a smaller grant when it buying a new electric car, it means more people can benefit.

    In related news, the government have announced new rules coming into play to further assist in the wider adoption of electric cars. This includes:

    • Minimum payment methods for new 7.1 kW and above charging points
    • Easy network price comparison, similar to pence-per-litre fuel pricing
    • New standards to make charging more reliable

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