Pentagon’s 6 Top Tips For Winter Driving

22 Posted: 22nd Feb 2018
Pentagon’s 6 Top Tips For Winter Driving

Winter can create very difficult driving conditions for motorists. The following tips can help keep you safe on the road through the cold winter months.

  • Setting Off In Ice And Snow

    If the ground is extremely icy always use the highest possible gear when setting off. This prevents wheel spin and helps your tyres grip the road better. Once you are moving take your time as the ice can cause you to skid more. Alternatively if your wheels get stuck in snow just stop. If you continue to spin your wheels it will cause you to get stuck deeper in the snow. Instead use a shovel to clear the snow from around the wheels and try turning the steering wheel from side to side to help get you moving again. If this doesn't work try removing more of the snow.

  • Plan Your Journey & Take Your Time

    During winter months use main roads as much as possible whilst driving. They are more likely to have been gritted which reduces the likelihood of skidding. When on untreated roads take extra care especially round sharp bends. As braking can also increase the risk of skidding try and break before you approach a bend.

  • Make Sure Your Windscreen Is Fully Clear

    With temperatures regularly below 0c during winter we're used to waking up to an icy windscreen. Ensure that all windows are fully clear before setting off as otherwise visibility can be heavily reduced, therefore increasing the risk of you having an accident.

    To clear the mist from your windscreen turn your car's heating and air conditioning on and leave a door open whilst you scrape the ice off your windows. This helps reduce moisture within the car and helps clear your windscreen quicker. Always use either a scraper or de-icer to clear your windscreen and never use warm or hot water. If you do it is likely to refreeze and can also crack your windscreen.

  • Regular Long Journeys

    Colder weather can cause your battery to run down quicker than in warmer months. To keep your battery charged ensure that your car goes on a regular longer journey to help stop your battery from going flat this winter.

  • Winter Tyres, Snow Chains And Snow Socks

    It's not too late to get ready for winter. Having winter tyres fitted provides more grip than regular tyres when travelling in wintery conditions. Snow chains and snow socks are quick-fit alternatives to full winter tyres and are an increasingly popular choice for motorists. These devices are designed to work well on packed snow and will provide enhanced levels of grip which gives you much more control over your vehicle. Chains are better at handling more difficult conditions, while textile socks tend to be quicker to fit. Once conditions improve it's important to remember to remove chains and socks, as driving on cleared or gritted surfaces will cause damage to the road and the product.

  • Make Sure You're Prepared

    Have you got a winter emergency kit in your vehicle? It is recommended you keep the following items in your car this winter: an ice scraper, de-icer, torch (with spare batteries), a warm jacket and blanket, boots or wellies, a fully stocked first aid kit, food and a drink, a car mobile phone charger and a reflective warning sign.

  • Keep Your Distance

    Wet, snowy and icy weather can vastly affect the grip of your tyres on the road so it's recommended that you double the distance between you and the car in front of you whilst driving in heavy rain and leave up to 10 times the regular distance in snow and ice. This is to allow you enough time to break to help reduce the chance of a collision.

  • The Pentagon Winter Check

    Pentagon offer a 28-point winter check to help prepare your vehicle for winter for £9.99. The check includes a free fluids top-up and a free winter survival kit (which includes many of the items listed above). You can book in for a winter check by contacting your local Pentagon dealership or calling 0333 222 0424 (local rate).

Notes to Editor:

Terms and conditions: The Winter Health Check is a visual vehicle inspection only. Any recommendations made are not legally binding and the vehicle driver remains responsible for the roadworthiness of his/her vehicle, and for any related offence. If you choose not to have any remedial work done we may recommend that certain essential work be carried out on the grounds of safety before you drive your vehicle. Manufacturer RRP is between £24.99-£34.99 for this service. Please book a minimum of 2 days in advance. Limited availability on Saturdays. Top up quantity limited to a maximum of 1/2 litre. Additional quantities will be advised and with customer consent charged accordingly. Conditions apply.


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