Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

21 Posted: 21st Dec 2022
Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme
  • Learn about the EVHS grant 2024

    The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) was a scheme operated by the OZEV which gave eligible claimants a grant of 75% off the cost and installation of a wall box, up to £350.

    The EVHS rebranded to the EV chargepoint grant but it’s still pretty similar. Below we explain the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, how it’s changed over the years and what you need to do if you want to apply for the new EV chargepoint grant.



  • The EVHS is now the EV chargepoint grant


    The EHVS has officially changed to the EV chargepoint grant.

    That means you can no longer apply for the EVHS, but instead you can use the EV chargepoint grant if eligible.


  • What is the EV chargepoint grant?

    Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

    The EV chargepoint grant is very similar to the EVHS. It gives eligible claimants up to 75% or £350 (whichever is lowest) off the cost of installing a charge point in a domestic property.


  • EV chargepoint grant eligibility

    Eligibility criteria is the same as the EVHS:

    1. You must own and live in a flat, or rent any type of residential property
    2. You must have a private off-street parking space
    3. You must have an eligible vehicle


  • EV chargepoint grant property eligibility

    You must own and live in a flat, or rent any residential property to be eligible. Your home must be in the UK (not including the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man) and you can’t apply for a new build, only already existing properties.


  • EV chargepoint grant parking space eligibility

    Your parking space must be off-street, private and clearly defined. You need to have access to it at all times and be able to prove you have the right to use it.


  • EV chargepoint grant vehicle eligibility

    This grant is only available for OZEZ-approved EVs. But don't worry as this list encompasses pretty much every EV on the market.

    You must be able to prove that you are one of the following: the registered owner, you’ve been leasing it for at least 6 months, have used it for work for at least 6 months or you have currently got an EV on order.



  • What is the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant?

    Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme EVHS

    The EHVS was a grant to help make driving an electrified vehicle much more convenient. Claimants could get a maximum of £350 off the cost of buying and installing a charge point for easy home charging.

    This was to promote the adoption of electric driving by making it much easier for eligible drivers.


  • How the EVHS works

    The process of claiming EVHS was simple - you contact an approved installer who then applied for the EVHS grant on your behalf.

    You supplied them with some information and they applied on your behalf. Once everything was confirmed, the installer would start the work.

    The EVHS-approved installer then applies the grant to the invoice so you see a price reduction.

    That’s it - it’s very simple. You end up with a dedicated charging point at home with no hassle.


  • Who is eligible for EVHS?

    Drivers of eligible vehicles. Claimants needed to be able to prove that they were one of the following:

    • The registered keeper of an electric vehicle
    • The driver of a privately leased electric car for at least 6 months
    • The driver of a salary sacrifice EV lease
    • Named driver of an electric company car for at least 6 months
    • Someone who has ordered an eligible EV that will be delivered within four months of installation

    Claimants also needed to be living in eligible living conditions. Requirements included:

    • Dedicated off-street parking
    • Existing properties only, no new builds
    • Must be a resident of the property
    • Have full permission (from the freeholder, building management, letting agents etc.)


  • OZEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme eligible vehicles list

    All electric cars were eligible for the EVHS.

    Any vehicle that has been officially approved as an ultra-low emission vehicle could apply for the grant.



  • Recent changes to the EVHS

    EVHS grant

    There have been some big changes to the EVHS, other than the rebrand.

    Back in April 2022, the EVHS was closed to homeowners living in single-unit properties including houses and bungalows.

    You can only apply if you:

    • Own or rent a flat
    • Rent a single-unit property (house or bungalow)

    Before April 2022, pretty much everyone was eligible. But the new change has tightened the scope to make the grant go further, so it can be used in densely populated towns and cities.



  • EVHS grant recap

    The EVHS offers 75% or up to £350 off the cost of wall box installation if you own and live in a flat or rent any residential property.

    As of 1st April 2022, the EV chargepoint grant replaced the EVHS. But it still works in the same way! So if you want to make the most of this support you can only apply for the EV chargepoint grant.



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APR Representative 13.9%
Cash Price £5,995
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58 Monthly Payment £136.55
Final Monthly Payment £146.55
Amount of Credit £5,995
Total Amount Payable £8,203.00
Total Charge for Credit £2,198
Duration 60 Months

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