Used Car buyers travel further to make purchases in 2020 despite COVID-19

14 Posted: 14th Oct 2020
Used Car buyers travel further to make purchases in 2020 despite COVID-19
  • Have you ever considered how far you would drive to purchase a used car? Is there a limit, or will you drive wherever it takes for the right vehicle? Would a two-hour drive to purchase a used Alfa Romeo be too much for you?

    Here at Pentagon Group, we were curious about how far buyers would actually travel to purchase their next used car. Whilst investigating this, we delved deeper into the findings to see if there were any differences in distance travelled for different manufacturers and by different genders.

  • Will used car buyers travel further in 2020 than in 2019?

    Used car buyers travelled an average of 43 minutes in 2019, compared to 59 minutes in 2020. That brings up the average time to just under an hour!

    That's an average of 33 miles for a used car in 2019 compared to 48 miles in 2020, a 15-mile increase.

  • Customers looking for “enthusiast” car brands are willing to travel up to 500% further than general brands

    Customers wanting to buy a used Alfa Romeo are willing to drive 103 miles to make a purchase - further than any other brand. Those looking to purchase a used Ford don't travel far at all, with an average of 28 miles.

    This could be due to the availability of used Ford cars compared to Alfa Romeos; are buyers more likely to find their perfect used Ford closer to home?

  • Average Distance Vs Travel Time by Manufacturer



  • Which gender is buying more cars?

    Overall, used car sales for 2019 and 2020 hardly differ. In 2019, 22% of all used car sales were made by women, which slightly decreased to 19% in 2020. It’s still clear that, on the whole, men are purchasing more cars than women, as they account for the remaining 81% of sales in 2020.

  • How far are men willing to drive to buy a used car?

    Data suggests that men are more likely to travel longer and further than women to purchase a vehicle. In 2019, men were willing to drive 10 miles more than women to snap up their next car, which has increased by 15 miles in 2020.

    In 2019, men drove an average of 31 miles to purchase their next used vehicle. In 2020, this increased by 11 to 42 miles.

  • How far are women willing to drive for a used car?

    Women travelled an average of 21 miles for their next car in 2019 compared to 33 miles in 2020.

    They're travelling, on average, 12 more minutes too. Women drove 31 minutes in 2019 and 43 in 2020. Women are travelling further for their next used car as well.

  • Average Distance Travelled by Gender
  • In conclusion

    It’s clear to see that, on the whole, used car buyers are willing to travel further in 2020 than they were in 2019. Men are also more likely to travel further than women for their next used car.

    Regardless of manufacturer or gender, there seems to be a willingness to travel for the best deal. At Pentagon, we stock a wide variety of new and used cars at fantastic prices, and we’re committed to making sure your next car purchase ticks all the boxes. 

    Data source: Pentagon Group purchase data from 2019 and 2020.


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