What do you need to know about Greater Manchester’s CAZ plan?

24 Posted: 24th Feb 2022
What do you need to know about Greater Manchester’s CAZ plan?

Poor air quality has a negative impact on everyone's health, especially the most vulnerable members of society: disadvantaged groups, children, the elderly, and those suffering from chronic illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, stroke, and certain malignancies. As in many other parts of the country, Greater Manchester has illegal levels of air pollution on local roads across all ten local authority areas. Every year, this issue causes around 1,200 premature deaths in the region.

Greater Manchester is devoted to improving the quality of the air our inhabitants breathe - but in a way that encourages people to switch to cleaner cars while ensuring that jobs, lives, and businesses are not jeopardised.

  • What is the Clean Air Zone (CAZ)?

    A Clean Air Zone is a designated region where certain measures are taken to enhance air quality, such as discouraging the most polluting vehicles from entering. Vehicles that don't meet emission standards would have been charged to drive in the Zone. A Greater Manchester-wide category C charging Clean Air Zone was included in the initial GM Clean Air Plan.

    The CAZ plan was created to comply with a government directive made before the coronavirus outbreak. Significant vehicle supply chain concerns, particularly for vans, have arisen since then, and the cost of living has risen. As a result, the original GM Clean Air Plan was not feasible. By 2024, it would not have fulfilled its obligation to comply with the legal limits for harmful air pollution from nitrogen dioxide (NO²), which could have caused considerable financial difficulty for the affected people.

  • When will the Greater Manchester CAZ plan come into effect?

    • The Government has now issued a new direction for compliance by 2026 at the latest, with the first phase of the Greater Manchester CAZ going ahead on 30 May 2022.
    • Within the first phase the most polluting lorries, buses and coaches charged £60 a day to drive into or around Greater Manchester.
    • The second phase is expected to come into effect in 2023 and would charge non-compliant vans £10 a day and taxis and private hire vehicles £7.50
    • It has also been announced that £120m in government funding will be available to aid affected people upgrade to compliant vehicles.
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