Motability Good Condition Bonus

17 Posted: 17th Aug 2021
Motability Good Condition Bonus
  • How much is the Good Condition Bonus from Motability?

    The Good Condition Bonus is a ‘thank you’ from the Motability Scheme for looking after your car. The current bonus available is up to £600 for a 3-year lease and up to £900 for a 5-year lease. Explore below for more information on the Good Condition Bonus from Motability.

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  • How does Motability Good Condition Bonus work?

    When you hand your car back to the dealer at the end of your Motability lease, they will inspect it and record the condition alongside taking a picture of the vehicle.

    It’s understandable that over a 3 or 5-year lease general wear and tear may occur. So as long as you’ve kept your car in top condition, you may still be eligible for the Motability’s Good Condition Bonus.

    After you’ve handed the car back, the dealer will handle the paperwork and if you are eligible, you will automatically receive a cheque in the post. That’s it! You don’t have to do anything.


    Am I eligible for the Good Condition Bonus from Motability?

    Eligibility for the Good Condition Bonus is based on the condition of the car when it is returned at the end of the lease. The best way to improve your eligibility for this bonus is to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible over the lease period. Some top ways to do this include: 

    Motability Good Condition Bonus criteria

    • Service your car once a year - the cost of servicing is included in the Motability lease, so it’s important to get regular servicing
    • Look after the exterior of the car - ensure lights, wipers and tyres are in good order and check the paintwork regularly
    • Keep fluids at optimum levels 
    • Get faults sorted out as soon as they appear
    • If the manufacturer recalls the vehicle for any reason, respond to this request as soon as possible
    • Clean the vehicle regularly, inside and out
    • Ensure the alloys are in good condition and cleaned regularly 

    Normal wear & tear is fine

    General wear and tear will occur during your lease, but light marks and damage shouldn’t affect your Motability Good Condition Bonus eligibility.

    Typical fair wear and tear include areas such as light scuffing, stone chips and light wear on bodywork, trims and luggage areas. Wear and tear may also include damage caused by walking aids and wheelchairs.

    You should try to avoid any damage, but accidents happen so don’t worry.

    However, more serious damage may affect your eligibility for the Good Condition Bonus. This includes:

    • Deep scratches or dents and anything that goes through to the paintwork
    • Large cracks on mirror casings and bumpers
    • Burns or tears to the interior trims that cannot be easily fixed
    • Gouges to alloys wheels and plastic trims



  • Motability Good Condition Bonus increase

    The Motability Good Condition Bonus increase means you can now get up to  £600 for a 3-year lease and up to £900 for a 5-year lease. It was originally £250, raised to £500 in 2018 and then to its current value in 2019.



  • Other Motability Refunds

    Other Motability refunds may apply on some leases, including claimants on the WAV scheme. For individuals looking to end a Motability lease early, there may be some concessions that allow this. If eligible, you may receive a pro-rata refund of your Advance Payment.  

    Motability Advance Payment refund

    In some circumstances, you may be able to end your lease early if your vehicle does not fit your needs. When you return a car, you may be entitled to a Motability Advance Payment refund (on a pro-rata basis). And you still may be eligible for a pro-rata Good Condition Bonus when cancelling a lease early too!

    Please keep in mind that early termination of your lease may incur a £250 administration fee, so consider whether it’s worth waiting for your Motability lease to end.

    Motability Low Mileage Bonus

    In some cases, your Motability car lease may be eligible for a short term extension. This typically occurs if your annual mileage is under 15,000 at the end of the agreement. You may also be able to keep the car for longer if you also have specialist adaptations on your vehicle.



  • Contact Pentagon’s Motability specialists

    Take care of your car and hand it back clean, undamaged and in working order to benefit from the Good Condition Bonus.

    At Pentagon, our Motability specialists are on hand to help you keep your vehicle in the best condition and give assistance in choosing your next vehicle at the end of the lease. 

    If you’d like more information on the Good Condition Bonus and the Motability Scheme, contact our team today.


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