Get Your Car In Shape For A Sizzling Summer With A £9.99 Summer Safety Check At Pentagon

6 Posted: 6th May 2016
Get Your Car In Shape For A Sizzling Summer With A £9.99 Summer Safety Check At Pentagon

There's nothing better than getting out and about when the sun is shining, and with warmer weather on the way, now is the time to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition for the summer season.

  • If you've ever been packed and ready to go on holiday, only to find the car won't start thanks to a flat battery, you'll know just how important it is to ensure your vehicle is in good shape before heading off on a trip.            

    Flat or faulty batteries are one of the top causes of vehicle breakdowns, but there are plenty of other issues that can catch you out too, including flat tyres, worn clutch cables and fluid leaks. The best way to avoid a nasty surprise is by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, but if you want to double check everything is ok you can also bring your vehice in for a comprehensive seasonal check between services. 

    There's a simple and affordable way to help avoid a breakdown this summer thanks to Pentagon. Our 28-point Summer Safety Check costs just £9.99 and we're taking bookings right now. It not only provides peace of mind, but will also help to ensure you don't spend a chunk of your hard-earned summer holiday on the back of a tow truck. We have vehicle servicing centres located at our dealer sites across the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North of England, all of which are staffed by experts and kitted out with the very latest diagnostic equipment.

    What's Included?  

    Book your car in for a Summer Safety Check appointment at one of Pentagon's service centres and one of our experienced technicians will ensure you get to enjoy complete peace of mind every time you pull out of the driveway. The 28-point visual inspection covers all the essentials, from the state of your car's tyres, to the condition of its exhaust system.  

    As your only point of contact with the road, tyres need to be properly maintained and checked on a regular basis. A member of the Pentagon servicing team will take a close look at the condition of all four on the car, plus the spare. Another big part of staying safe on the road is being seen, which is why we'll test the vehicle's mandatory external lights to ensure they're all working properly. Windscreen wipers and washer jets also get tested to make sure they're up to the task of keeping your view of the road clear.

    Our underside checks cover everything from your vehicle's steering and suspension setup, through to the car's drive shaft. We'll go under the bonnet too and check the condition of your battery and drive belt, as well as look for signs of fluid leaks.

    Ensuring that your vehicle's braking system is in good order is of course essential, regardless of the time of year or the length of your journey. As part of the Pentagon Summer Safety Check one of our technicians will inspect your car's brakes, visually checking everything from the condition of the brake fluid to the state of the brake pads, shoes, hoses and drums.  

    Fluid Levels

    Maintaining the correct fluid levels is essential at any time of year, but especially so in the summer months when you could well be making a greater number of long journeys. As part of the Pentagon Summer Safety Check we'll inspect all of your fluid levels and then top them up accordingly as required.

    A technician will check to see whether the car has the correct amount of coolant available. This helps to stop the engine from overheating – something that can quite easily lead to you being sat at the side of the road on a sunny afternoon.

    We'll also look at your brake fluid level – a hydraulic fluid that ensures your vehicle is able to slow down effectively. Having the correct amount of engine oil keeps the internal workings of the car's engine lubricated and protected. Let the level fall too low and you could be faced with an expensive repair job, so that gets tested too.

    It's all too easy to run out of screen wash during the summer, especially if you're trying to clean bugs off the windscreen every five minutes. A dirty windscreen won't just make your car look a mess, it can spell real trouble when you're driving into the glare of the sun. Finally, a Pentagon technician will check that all of your tyre pressure levels are correct. Overinflated and underinflated tyres can result in all sorts of problems, including reduced braking distance, increased wear, uneven wear and poor fuel efficiency.

    Advice You Can Trust

    For more than 25 years the team at Pentagon has been helping drivers to find their dream vehicles and then maintaining those cars at our service centres. Our customers are the most important part of our business and we're proud to offer a no pressure service. At the end of the inspection your technician will explain simply and clearly their findings, before making any necessary recommendations.

    Pentagon Summer Check Tyre Survival Pack

    Book Today

    The great news is that booking a Summer Safety Check is quick and simple. Contact a member of the team at your nearest Pentagon servicing department and they'll help you to make all of the necessary arrangements. Just be sure to give us at least two days' notice so we're able to find a convenient appointment slot.

    Best of all, if you book now you'll receive a complimentary Summer Tyre Survival Pack. This handy kit includes a can of Scotts Tyrefix emergency puncture repair formula, digital pressure gauge, tread depth measuring tool and a set of dust caps.

    Book an appointment now on 0330 390 7189 or make use of our online contact form here on the website. You can also get details of your nearest Pentagon dealership by heading over to our locations page.

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