Can I cancel my Motability car lease early?

16 Posted: 16th Aug 2021
Can I cancel my Motability car lease early?

Yes, you can cancel your Motability car early.

Typically Motability Scheme agreements run for three or five years. However, if you need to cancel your lease early, there may be concessions that allow you to end it before this term.

Explore below to find out how you can cancel your current Motability car lease early, including the reasons why.

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  • Cancelling Motability if you’re near the end of your lease

    When you cancel your Motability car, you may incur a charge of £250. So if you are entering the final months of your Motability lease, it may be worth waiting until the end of your lease before cancelling. 

  • Reasons for cancelling your Motability car

    Some of the common reasons for cancelling a Motability car lease or changing your vehicle include:


    Your mobility needs have changed

    It’s understandable that needs to change over time so you may be eligible to cancel your Motability car if:

    • You no longer have mobility needs
    • You have additional accessibility requirements and the vehicle doesn’t fit your requirements


    Car no longer suitable

    Sometimes personal needs change and the suitability of your existing lease vehicle doesn’t meet them. You may be eligible to cancel your agreement if:

    • The car is no longer suitable
    • You need a larger vehicle
    • The vehicle doesn’t suit additional adaptations
    • You need to change to an automatic transmission


    Moving to WAV

    If you’re thinking of cancelling your Motability car to move to a wheelchair accessible vehicle, the WAV Experience scheme may be suitable.

    WAVs, or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, are designed for wheelchair users and have increased stowage space and greater accessibility to suit your needs.



  • Other considerations when you cancel a Motability car

    If you decide to end your current Motability lease early, you may receive an Advance Payment refund or the Good Condition Bonus.


    Advance Payment pro-rata refund

    When you return a Motability vehicle, you may receive a refund of any Advance payment you have paid (on a pro-rata basis). So don’t be put off cancelling a Motability car if it’s no longer suitable and you paid an Advance Payment, as you may get some of that money back.


    Good Condition Bonus pro-rata refund

    Cancellation of your lease may also provide eligibility for a pro-rata Good Condition Bonus. This bonus is based on returning your car in good condition at the end of the lease. 

    The amount received is dependent on the length of the lease and is currently £600 for a 3-year lease and £900 for a 5-year lease. If you end your agreement early, this payment will be pro-rata, depending on the car’s condition.

    Make sure you get your car serviced regularly (as this is included in the price of your lease) as well as taking care of the paintwork, wheels and cabin.

    Read our guide on the Motability Good Condition Bonus.



  • Contact Pentagon’s Motability specialists

    At Pentagon, we have a team of friendly specialists that help with information and advice on your Motability lease. We can even deal with the paperwork side of things to make it hassle-free.

    If you are eligible for the cancellation of your current agreement, we can also help you choose your next vehicle so you get the best model for your needs. 

    Contact us today to find out more.


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