Pentagon Make Socially Distanced Part Exchange Easier

6 Posted: 6th May 2020
Pentagon Make Socially Distanced Part Exchange Easier

Find out about how we're making part exchanging a vehicle safe and convenient during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Part exchanging a vehicle is an important part of purchasing a car or van for many customers. To make this as convenient as possible during the on-going pandemic, Pentagon have put in place a robust system to ensure customers can maintain social distancing throughout the process including the ability to submit photographs of the car for an accurate valuation without leaving their house.

  • To begin the process, customers just have to visit the Part Exchange Valuation page on the Pentagon website and enter the registration of the car or van they would like to part exchange. The system will bring up the details of the vehicle and prompt the user to confirm it is correct – if the presented vehicle does not match the one you are looking to part exchange, double check that the registration has been entered correctly as certain letters and numbers can be easily mistaken; a modern, non-personalised UK registration will typically be 2 letters followed by 2 numbers followed by 3 letters.

  • Ford Fiesta Part Exchange

  • When the correct vehicle has been selected, users will be asked to confirm some details including the current mileage, number of previous owners and the service history of the car. Customers can select the condition of the vehicle from “Good”, “Average” or “Poor”. The system also gives a description of what conditions should be met for each descriptor to help customers select the most appropriate one. The conditions are;

    • Good - Mechanically the vehicle must be sound, with a current MOT certificate. The exterior must be an acceptable colour and trim combination, and the interior clean, undamaged and well cared for. All documentation and full service history should be available including spare keys and security codes if applicable.
    • Average - Mechanically the vehicle must be sound, with a current MOT certificate, or only require a routine service item replacement to obtain one. The exterior of the bodywork must be an acceptable colour and trim, with a well-cared for undamaged interior. All documentation must be available and in order, including spare keys and security codes if applicable, with near complete service history.
    • Poor - Vehicles that are deemed to be in poor condition are those that would prove uneconomical to restore. Mechanically they will be in a bad condition, with damaged or corroded body work. Little or no MOT will remain on the vehicle and the documentation, spare keys, security codes and service history may be incomplete or missing. The interior of the car will be badly looked after with damage and wear visible.

    The more accurate the information provided the more accurate the valuation can be; a useful technique is to try to view the car from a purchaser’s perspective rather than a seller as this will help avoid inadvertent exaggerations or overselling.

  • For the most accurate valuation possible, customers are now able to also submit up to 12 images of the vehicle as well. Pentagon recommends that images are taken from a medium distance and capture multiple angles; it is useful to include close up shots of any blemishes so that this can be considered when calculating the valuation; if unsure about what angles would be useful, users can explore the used vehicles available at Pentagon and imitate the photographs with their own car.

  • Upload Pictures of Your Car

  • Once the details of the car have been inputted, customers give their preferred contact details for the valuation to be sent to them; an additional comments box also gives the option to specify a particular time to be contacted or to give further information about themselves or the car they are interested in purchasing.

    If customers are happy with the valuation and want to change their vehicle, social distancing will still be maintained with the nationwide contactless delivery Pentagon offers. A delivery time will be pre-arranged with the customer and customers will be asked not to enter the vehicle to be exchanged for 3 hours prior to this. The delivery driver will be wearing personal protective equipment and will disinfect the steering wheel and control panel for their safety. During the handover, no items will be physically passed from the customer to the driver as there will be a set drop-off point agreed and contracts will be signed with e-signatures to avoid the exchange of physical paperwork.

    If you require any additional information we remain virtually open and our teams can be reached on 0333 222 0424, live chat, or by completing an online enquiry form 7-days a week.


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