What is the Ford ST & ST-Line?

21 Posted: 21st Dec 2020
What is the Ford ST & ST-Line?

What's the difference between Ford ST & ST-Line? Learn about the ST range of performance cars and the ST-Line trim levels of Ford cars at Pentagon Ford

  • Much like many other manufacturers have a special performance range of cars, Ford has ST. These variants build further on Ford’s penchant for making engaging, dynamic cars by pouring bundles of power and style into the mix.

    Explore below where we breakdown the differences between ST and ST-Line cars from Ford, including the current models available as ST and ST-Line, and take a dip into Ford RS.

  • So, what’s the difference between Ford ST & ST-Line?

    ST cars are models taken from the Ford lineup, like the Fiesta, with a specially-made engine, athletic touches of style and that sought-after ST badge. Only a couple of models from the lineup are available as ST.

    Whereas ST-Line is a trim level available on most cars in the lineup. With an ST-Line model, there’s no added engine power or special body touches, it’s just one of the levels of trim.

  • What does Ford ST stand for?

    ST Stands for “Sports Technologies”, a fitting name for such exciting models. It’s the same abbreviation for ST-Line models, with the addition of ‘Line’ showing it’s a trim level rather than a separate model.

  • What does Ford ST stand for?

  • History of Ford ST

    Only a few models have been available as an ST over the years, starting with the Ford Mondeo ST24 back in 1997. This was the very beginning of the brand’s love for creating hot hatches and there have since been plenty of iterations.

    The MK2 Ford Focus ST was the next big thing for the range, with a 2.5-litre engine with 225hp. Ford’s Team RS made the MK2 Focus ST, which is one of the main reasons for its unrivalled drive at the time. The bright orange iteration is a fan-favourite, being instantly recognisable on the roads, even if you can’t see the ST badge!

  • Ford Focus RS MK2
  • The Fiesta ST has always been a fan favourite too, with its even more compact dimensions lending itself well to an exhilarating driving experience.

    The newest addition to the lineup is the new Ford Puma ST. It’s the first-ever crossover to be graced with the ST badge and, although it hasn’t been out for long, it’s been welcomed by enthusiasts with open arms.

    Looking for a specific model? Look for previous ST cars in our range of affordable used Ford cars.

  • Current Ford ST models

    All the new Ford ST cars currently available.

  • New Ford Fiesta ST

    New Ford Fiesta ST

    Sleek from every angle. Sporty and dynamic on the road. The Fiesta ST is the epitome of a hot hatch. It’s compact, capable and powered by a bold 1.5-litre 197hp engine.

    Explore new Ford Fiesta ST Cars

  • New Ford Puma ST

    New Ford Puma ST

    From the brazen choices of body paint and sporty front-end to the 1.5-litre 197hp engine that gives it power, the new Ford Puma ST is a welcome addition to the lineup.

    Explore new Ford Puma ST Cars

  • New Ford Focus ST

    New Ford Focus ST

    Winning Top Gear’s Hot Hatch of the Year in 2019, the latest Ford Focus ST has driven from strength to strength. Choose from two engines: a 2.0-litre 187hp manual or the show-stopping 2.3-litre 276hp model, available as both manual and electric.

    Explore new Ford Focus ST

    Explore new Ford Focus Estate ST

  • Current Ford ST-Line models

    All Ford cars are available to buy as an ST-Line, adding extra features, cabin designs and stylistic touches.

  • Ford Fiesta St-Line
  • Ford Fiesta ST-Line
  • Ford Puma ST-Line
  • Explore new Ford cars to find your ideal ST-Line model.

  • Ford RS

    The Ford RS range is the manufacturer’s pinnacle of performance. If the normal lineup is for everyday driving with the ST range adds performance and style to these models, then the RS is a whole different league.

    Exclusive body kits make RS cars stand out from the crowd with unrivalled engines producing a driving experience closer to a certified track car than your everyday runaround.

  • What does Ford RS stand for?

    RS stands for ‘Rallye Sport’, with the badge first appearing on the RS1600 back in 1970.

  • What does Ford RS stand for?

  • How does Ford ST and RS compare?

    Let’s have a look at the stats. The next Focus RS is delayed until after 2021, so we’re comparing the last available models.

  • Ford Focus ST engine specs

    Ford Focus ST engine specs
    • 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine
    • 280PS
    • 420Nm torque
    • 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmissions
    • 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds
    • 155mph top speed
    • Front-wheel drive
  • Ford Focus RS engine specs

    Ford Focus RS engine specs
    • 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine
    • 350PS
    • 440Nm torque (470Nm with overboost)
    • 6-speed transmission
    • 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds
    • 165mph top speed
    • All-wheel drive
  • Looking for an RS? Explore the latest Approved Used Ford cars at Pentagon.

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